Cryptocurrencies are still the best performing asset class?

Unrealized profit = Imaginary profit

Very misleading article from wallstreet-coindesk. Fact is, less than 10% of people who call themselves ”crypto-investors” take (full) or (partial) profit during bull-bear cycles. Unrealized profit is imaginary profit. Always secure profit during distribution campaigns. Use the capital gains to re-accumulate during accumulation campaigns or hedge against future losses.

The 2017 crypto-boom was a outlier.

Common-sense? Yes, but how many ”investors” who think and call themselves investors know how to properly chart. Hurrdurr Technical Analysis doesn’t work. That is what the Big-Funds wants you the believe. Retail volume doesn’t call the shots. Never did, never will. Take this data with a grain of salt. But it provides you a idea, how the market works.


Less 4% of the bitcoins in circulation are being traded. The other 96% of the supply are withheld to enforce scarcity and used to manipulate the prices. The institutions who control the supply will control the price. For traders this is heaven.

Don’t Fomo

Bitcoin will be halved around May 2020. We will see a small bully rally before the halving. I am expecting a sell-off before the halving event. Similar to the Litecoin Halving in 2019. Be prepared for a massive bull-trap. When Litecoin broke support, media was hyping up the halving event. Handful of people got super-rich in 2017, more than 90% of the people who didn’t sell got financially ruined. Expect some fuckery leading up to the halving-event. I am guessing 2020 will be a bearish year.


Expect resistance around $10,000 (rough number) . Orderblock at $10,000 needs to be cleared, may take few retest to fully absorb the supply. With supply. I mean disgruntled left-behind bagholders who didn’t sell above $10,000. If these blocks get taken out, price will rally higher. But I don’t think it happen this year. We haven’t seen capitulation yet.

I am not expecting halving-mania parabolic phase that will launch bitcoin to $20,000 in 1 wave. A more realistic scenario would be a slow grind, multiple retest around $10000 to fully absorb the supply.

Two types of money left in this space. Traders and baghodlers.

Traders took profit above $10,000. Bagholders held on above $10,000, expect some break-even selling at $10,000.

Price will just rotate between $10,000 (realisticly $8000) and $6500 through out 2020.