Altcoins scam

AltCoins Pump and Dump season is here

Alt-coin season? Yes, it seems like it, just don’t forget to take profit.

This is pretty common-knowledge but for these nibbas, who are new to crypto read this.

Bitcoin is range-bound, money will flow into alts. But make no mistake, the VC’s that have backed these Alts will take profit.

  • VC’s fund projects with potential, in return they receive tokens, equity or both usually with massive discount (whole-sale-prices)
  • Pump the prices to (retail-prices)
  • Pay for air-time on popular crypto-media-outlets, pay popular crypto-influencers to shill a project.
  • Take profit in the distribution area.

Forgot to mention. It’s Ba’al season.


Final shake-out 10K = TOP

First of all, don’t panic. This is all part of the greater shake-out. Read my post from 20 March. Big Boys are selling off. Bitcoin will be declared dead. Relax… hedge in cash. Accumulate for 2021. This pump was a supply-test. Big-funds wants your BTC at whole-sale prices. I’m betting that we will hit the $6xxx range, let’s see if I’m right. The data from santiment correlates with the data from Glassnode, scroll down and read the report.

7 June Update

I wrote this blogpost on 1 June, 1 day before the massive $500 dump candle. How did I knew it would dump.

I will give you a hint, so you know I am not bullshitting you. I check historical trades over $100k on the spot market. Picture related. That is all I’m going to disclose. 100-200 BTC sell orderblocks at $10,080 and above. Which exchange, how to set the settings, which tool I am using… it’s up to you to figure it out.

edit – these sell-orders were realized, meaning they were executed. Not a spoof.


What your future will look like, unless you …..

Corporate Socialism

What we are witnessing now, is social welfare for Corporate America. Infinite money cheat has been activived to bailout banks and Corporate America. Stocks are getting artificially pumped as a result.

Trump administration will use the StockMarket as a benchmark for how well the economy is doing and simply ignore the fact that the recession is already here.

What surprises me…. money printer goes brrr, yet CPI (consumer index price – proxy for inflation) is decreasing. I have reason to believe that the dollar is deflating… this is just a opinion and shouldn’t be taken as a advice. Goods and services should drop as a result.

Digital FIAT

Digital Dollar/Euro/Yuan will you fuck your privacy on a whole new level. The Digital Dollar will not be decentralized… my guess is that the chain will be permissioned, there will be financial intermediary or middle man that will ”approve” the transaction like the XLM/XRP consensus model. Permissioned chains allow the financial intermediary… to freeze, blacklist, block, roll-back transactions.

Tell me, how this system cannot be weaponized against certain individuals or even entire countries. You throw in a global ID in the mix…. welcome to 1984.

Cash is anonymous. With digital dollars, you’re basicly letting the (……) know what you’re purchasing, all this data will be eventually on private ledger. Contrary to popular belief, bitcoin isn’t anonymous, sure you can make it harder to track you by using bitcoin mixing services, but it isn’t anonymous. Bitcoin has thoroughly used track darknet-vendors on the darknet. Digital FIAT + Global ID = (……).

Just imagine, purchasing a metric ton of fertilizer. You’re gonna draw attention from (……). Or a algo that can detect ingredients for making a home-made explosives. This guy purchased this and that… you will be automaticly placed on the list.

How the world will look like from my Point of view. Probably, very similar on how a algo works. Trigger – Open – Manage – Close.


Internet of things IOT, every machine, toilet, alexia, fridge, microwave, lights, in your house will be able to communicate with each other and form a infrastructure for passive monitor/mining of private data.


Sensors will be able to capture audible, typed in keywords, gestures, facial gestures, health perhaps even comprehend mood-states (sentiment analysis).

Data processing

We’re not even talking about social-media, like instagram, facebook, twitter. We’re talking about untapped resources.

Spending habits (digital fiat), workday habits (IOT, social Media) , health habits (Fitbit), political, religious affiliation (IOT, social Media)

This data will provide valuable statistics to the Mega Corporations that run the World. We can see that already happening with Amazon, AliBaba, small businesses being absorbed by these Mega Corporations.

All this data, can be plotted on a chart and quantitative analysts can build prediction models, project Alphas. All this data can tell you what the majority of the masses think and feel. Plot this data with a gaussian distribution model and you clearly see the average.

I took this screen from wallstreetbets. It’s a meme in itself.

Your future

I do not think, we will see a USSR type of collapse, this collapse will be more subtle and hidden from the public and let’s not forget totalitarian/technocratic/orwellian in nature.

I’m using Hong Kong as a blueprint for what the collapse could look like.

  • Newly build homes, apartments will start to become smaller and tighter. Mini-homes will be dubbed ”green, environmentally conscious, socially progressive.
  • Everyday items like your daily smoothies,chocolate bars will become incrementally more expensive, or quantity/volume will incrementally decrease.
  • Weekly work hours will get longer, your pay will only slightly increase, barely able to keep up with inflation.
  • Time spend with face-to-face friends, family will decrease, your free-time will gradually decrease. Cost of living will become gradually more expensive. In South East Asia, work hours + OT is pretty insane.
  • In time, your standards for housing, food, relationships, work will decrease. Your former-self will become a distant memory.

1-10 Trillion Market by 2024

Take a shot a crypto, the rewards favor the risk. We’re at the beginning of a new bullmarket which starts either at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. Gold rose 7% last 2 months, bitcoin rose 40% bitcoin, few micro-cap altcoins with extremely thin orderbooks managed to capture over 2500%. The knowledge is out there, however it takes tremendous amount of time, experience, study to filter through all the nonsense and garbage. I don’t gamble, I take high probability bets with odds greater than 70%. The odds of crypto hitting the 1-10 trillion marketcap is high. We’re at the beginning of a new emerging asset class, which soon will become mainstream. The brightest, smartest quants on the planet is without a doubt Renaissance Technologies, Jim Simons’s team, outperformed BerkshireHathaway (Warren Buffet’s) and  BridgeWater Associates (Ray Dalio’s).. RenTech is riding the bitcoin train. We have the brightest hedgefund on the planet riding the bitcoin train, yet you fools listen to Warren Buffet.

My portfolio consist of primarily Bitcoin, Nervos.

Take my advice… get free shitcoins – sell shitcoins in bullmarket for USD and buy BTC or Nervos during bearmarkets.

I see money just as fuel for realizing ideas. At some point, you want to return back to tradition.

scam trading

Beware of the Media in the months to come.

Bitcoin will be declared death ,volatility will decrease, might see a flash-crash below the 200 Weekly Moving Average. Corona will be blamed for the crash. Similar structure from 2015 will play out this year.

When all are bearish, there is cause for prices to rise. Munehisa Homma

The orderbooks become thin and dry up. For the bigboys 100 Million is nothing. Absolutely chump change. The bitcoin market correlates with the traditional markets, the same forces that push/pull the traditional markets are the same forces that push/pull the bitcoin market. Ex-wallstreet, bankers. At some the two forces ying/yang have to come into equilibrium, otherwise the concept of a market would cease to exist.

Like any reasonable sized market, the majority of the bitcoin or shares are held by the institutions (smart money). For example, Nike $NKE, Institutional shareholders managed to capture 85% of the shares. The amount of bitcoins held by institutions is far larger, 96%

Don’t sell. We’re in the accumulation stage. The most profitable miner Antminer s7 will roughly break even around $3200 per bitcoin. Due to difficulty adjustments it’s hard to put a price on cost of production.

As for stocks : Smart money confidence is now at a all-time-high. They are buying up your inventory.


  • Mean reversion to the long-running 200-weekly moving average.
  • Law of large numbers is playing out. Bitcoin is slowly moving back to the 200-period moving average. The probability of a another bounce from the 200 WMA is high.
  • Lower highs on the weekly.
  • Sentiment will turn extremely bearish.
Watch how this will play out – post from december 2019.


INSOLAR just pulled one the biggest scam of 2020

Keeping it short. Ico’s found a new way to fuck you in the butt. Meet the latest scam.

Mainnet migration supply dilution. Supply matters. Markets rotate around supply and demand. Trends are nothing more than supply-demand imbalances. A influx of fresh supply, printed out of thin-air affects the scarcity value. This is called inflation.

Insolar mainnet swap supply dilution

If you bought insolar before Mainnet, congrats, you overpaid by 100% (2x) . Insolar doubled the total supply without your consent.

The mainnet-swap isn’t 1:1, instead they decided to print another 500,000,00 XNS’s tokens for Enterprise Incentives, Network incentives, App Developer incentives. Now 1x INS token is worth 10 XNS instead of 20 XNS.

Instead off taking the supply from the INS ecosystem or buying it back from the market, they decided to print the supply at your expense. Literally, doubling the total supply. You literally paid double the price for INS token, in otherwords INS has to double in dollar value for you to break even.

When the token is still in ethereum testnet as a erc-20 token, supply can be changed with a few lines of code. Tokens that migrated from testnet to mainnet are final, all changes are final and permanent. Sparkster ICO got caught, they altered the smart-contract that allowed them to secretly print more tokens out of thin air.

Not only has Insolar doubled the supply, now they are tricking their ”investors” in locking their supply. Read further….

But XNS is trading at $1 on Kucoin. Yep ,correct but there is a catch.

1 INS cost $0.14 and each INS token can be swapped for 10 XNS tokens and 1 XNS token is currently trading at $1.04 on Kucoin. That is a return of 900% right? Yep, correct. But here is the catch, once you swap your INS for XNS, your tokens will be locked for 3 years.

Except the token-swap, locks your XNS tokens for 3 years.

Meanwhile Insolar is selling off their OWN supply, while you are forced to baghold. You can’t sell at $1, you swapped therefore you locked your supply, remember?

It’s literally a pyramid game if you think about it.

If you’re new to this crypto-game, read the following articles.


Insolar is down 98% from it’s All-time-High…but Insolar expects a increase in future demand. So they decided to increase the supply by 100% Makes sense right?


BITMEX System Freeze

Bitmex – I’ve been trading on bitmex for years. I’ve come to conclusion that Bitmex prob will never fix their platform freeze problems during high volatility peaks. It’s fucked up for scalpers. Yesterday, I got rekt twice, system froze couldn’t place a stop. You only have a 1-2 seconds to perform 3 crucial actions.

  • Place a stop and dynamicly adjust a stop.
  • Place a series of scaled orders through the API.
  • Place your first Take-Profit target.

And, Yes I am using all the dirty tricks in the book, quick-fill ”frontrunning api-calls” and I still don’t get filled most of the time. Instant scaled orders, (DollarCostAverage) yesterday there was 1 second delay. When the platform is literally sabotaging your actions, it’s time to move on.

I’m switching over to bybit. Type in google ”bybit scaled orders” Fuck bitmex.


Marketcipher is a Free indicator.

Marketcipher Scheme

Some youtubers are reselling modified open source indicators for a hefty sum. 0.1 BTC to be exact. $750 for a free indicator. You know who you are.

Marketcipher isn’t a magic indicator, it’s a glorified momentum indicator with redundant bells and whistles that often repaints before the Candle Close. The sourcecode is based on Wavetrend oscillator by LazyBear. Not giving the original authors credit is a scummy move.

I found this on pastebin and modified some of the settings. If you are the author, I will credit you. greaterfoolzzz @

MarketCipher doesn’t protect you against falling knives.

Trading bitcoin comes with many variables.


study(title="MarketCipher_FREE", shorttitle="MarketCipher_FREE")


// MovingAverageTypes
ma(matype, src, length) =>
    if matype == "RMA"
        rma(src, length)
        if matype == "SMA"
            sma(src, length)
            if matype == "EMA"
                ema(src, length)
                if matype == "WMA"
                    wma(src, length)


// PARAMETERS for lightweight version 1.0 {

// Wavetrend Channel Length
n1 = input(7, "WaveTrend Channel Length")
// Wavetrend Average Length
n2 = input(12, "WaveTrend Average Length")

// Wavetrend MovingAverage Parameters   Exponential weighted, weighted , exponential, simple
wtMA = input(defval="EMA", title="Wavetrend MovingAverage Type", options=["RMA", "SMA", "EMA", "WMA"])
wtMA1 = input(defval="EMA", title="Wavetrend MovingAverage Type 1", options=["RMA", "SMA", "EMA", "WMA"])
wtMA2 = input(defval="EMA", title="Wavetrend MovingAverage Type 2", options=["RMA", "SMA", "EMA", "WMA"])
wtMA3 = input(defval="SMA", title="Wavetrend MovingAverage Type 3", options=["RMA", "SMA", "EMA", "WMA"])

// WaveTrend Overbought and Oversold zones
obLevel = input(55, "WaveTrend Overbought Level 1")
obLevel2 = input(60, "WaveTrendOverbought Level 2")
osLevel = input(-55, "WaveTrend Oversold Level 1")
osLevel2 = input(-60, "WaveTrend Oversold Level 2")
osLevel3 = input(-80, "WaveTrend Oversold Level 3")

// WaveTrend MA Source
ap = input(ohlc4, "WaveTrend MovingAverage Source")

// WaveTrend MA Length
sp = input(3, "WaveTrend MovingAverage Length")

// RSI Divergence bull bear detector
bearish_div_rsi = input(61, "Minimal Bearish RSI", input.integer, minval=50, maxval=100)
bullish_div_rsi = input(31, "Maximum Bullish RSI", input.integer, minval=0, maxval=50)

// Colors
colorRed = #ff0000
colorPurple = #da00ff
colorGreen = #03ff00
colorPink =

// Divergence WT
WTDivOBLevel = input(55)
WTDivOSLevel = input(-63)

// Divergence RSI
RSIDivOBLevel = input(70)
RSIDivOSLevel = input(30)



// RSI
up = rma(max(change(close), 0), 14)
down = rma(-min(change(close), 0), 14)
rsi = down == 0 ? 100 : up == 0 ? 0 : 100 - 100 / (1 + up / down)
rsiColor = rsi < bullish_div_rsi ? : rsi > bearish_div_rsi ? : color.purple

// Calculates WaveTrend
esa = ma(wtMA, ap, n1)
de = ma(wtMA1, abs(ap - esa), n1)
ci = (ap - esa) / (0.015 * de)
tci = ma(wtMA2, ci, n2)
wt1 = tci
wt2 = ma(wtMA3, wt1, sp)

// WaveTrend Conditions
WTCross = cross(wt1, wt2)
WTCrossUp = wt2 - wt1 <= 0
WTCrossDown = wt2 - wt1 >= 0
WTOverSold = wt2 <= osLevel
WTOverBought = wt2 >= obLevel
FallingKnife = wt2 <= osLevel3

f_top_fractal(_src) => _src[4] < _src[2] and _src[3] < _src[2] and _src[2] > _src[1] and _src[2] > _src[0]
f_bot_fractal(_src) => _src[4] > _src[2] and _src[3] > _src[2] and _src[2] < _src[1] and _src[2] < _src[0]
f_fractalize(_src) => f_top_fractal(_src) ? 1 : f_bot_fractal(_src) ? -1 : 0

//Diverges Wavetrend
WTFractal_top = f_fractalize(wt2) > 0 and wt2[2] >= WTDivOBLevel ? wt2[2] : na
WTFractal_bot = f_fractalize(wt2) < 0 and wt2[2] <= WTDivOSLevel ? wt2[2] : na

WTHigh_prev  = valuewhen(WTFractal_top, wt2[2], 0)[2]
WTHigh_price = valuewhen(WTFractal_top, high[2], 0)[2]
WTLow_prev  = valuewhen(WTFractal_bot, wt2[2], 0)[2]
WTLow_price  = valuewhen(WTFractal_bot, low[2], 0)[2]

WTRegular_bearish_div = WTFractal_top and high[2] > WTHigh_price and wt2[2] < WTHigh_prev
WTRegular_bullish_div = WTFractal_bot and low[2] < WTLow_price and wt2[2] > WTLow_prev

bearWTSignal = WTRegular_bearish_div and WTCrossDown
bullWTSignal = WTRegular_bullish_div and WTCrossUp

WTCol1 = bearWTSignal ? : na
WTCol2 = bullWTSignal ? #00FF00EB : na

RSIFractal_top = f_fractalize(rsi) > 0 and rsi[2] >= RSIDivOBLevel ? rsi[2] : na
RSIFractal_bot = f_fractalize(rsi) < 0 and rsi[2] <= RSIDivOSLevel ? rsi[2] : na

RSIHigh_prev  = valuewhen(RSIFractal_top, rsi[2], 0)[2]
RSIHigh_price = valuewhen(RSIFractal_top, high[2], 0)[2]
RSILow_prev  = valuewhen(RSIFractal_bot, rsi[2], 0)[2]
RSILow_price  = valuewhen(RSIFractal_bot, low[2], 0)[2]

bearRSISignal = RSIFractal_top and high[2] > RSIHigh_price and rsi[2] < RSIHigh_prev
bullRSISignal = RSIFractal_bot and low[2] < RSILow_price and rsi[2] > RSILow_prev

RSICol1 = bearRSISignal ? #f802fc: na
RSICol2 = bullRSISignal ? #00FF00EB : na

// Small Circles WT Cross
signalColor = wt2 - wt1 > 0 ? : color.lime

// Buy signal
buySignal = WTCross and WTCrossUp and WTOverSold
bigBuySignal = WTCross and (bullRSISignal or bullWTSignal)
buySignalColor = bigBuySignal ? colorPurple : buySignal ? colorGreen : na
plotBuy = bigBuySignal ? bigBuySignal : buySignal

// Sell signal
sellSignal = WTCross and WTCrossDown and WTOverBought
bigSellSignal = WTCross and (bearRSISignal or bearWTSignal)
sellSignalColor = bigSellSignal ? colorPurple : sellSignal ? colorRed : na
plotSell = bigSellSignal ? bigSellSignal : sellSignal

// fallingKnife
plotFallingKnife = WTCross and WTCrossUp and FallingKnife


// DRAW {
// basis
plot(0, title="basis", color=color.lime)

// Draw Overbought & Oversold lines
plot(obLevel, title="OverBought Level 1", color=color.gray, linewidth=2, style=plot.style_line, transp=0)
plot(obLevel2, title="OverBought Level 2", color=color.gray, style=plot.style_cross, transp=0)
plot(osLevel, title="OverSold Level 1", color=color.gray, linewidth=2, style=plot.style_line, transp=0)
plot(osLevel2, title="OverSold Level 2", color=color.gray, style=plot.style_cross, transp=0)

plot(series = WTFractal_top ? wt2[2] : na, title='WaveTrend Regular Bearish Divergence', color=WTCol1, linewidth=3, transp=0)
plot(series = WTFractal_bot ? wt2[2] : na, title='WaveTrend Regular Bullish Divergence', color=WTCol2, linewidth=3, transp=0)
plot(series = RSIFractal_top ? rsi[2] : na, title='RSI Bearish Divergence', color=RSICol1, linewidth=3, transp=0)
plot(series = RSIFractal_bot ? rsi[2] : na, title='RSI Bullish Divergence', color=RSICol2, linewidth=3, transp=0)

// WT Area 1
plot(wt1, style=plot.style_area, title="WaveTrend Wave 1", color=#0ae6ff, transp=10)
// WT Area 2
plot(wt2, style=plot.style_area, title="WaveTrend Wave 2", color=#0042ff, transp=10)

plot(WTCross ? wt2 : na, title="Low probability Buy and sell signals", color=signalColor, style=plot.style_circles, linewidth=3, transp=0)  
plot(plotBuy ? -90 : na, title="High probability buy signal", color=buySignalColor, style=plot.style_cross, linewidth=4, transp=0)  
plot(plotSell ? 90 : na, title="High probability Sell signal", color=sellSignalColor, style=plot.style_cross, linewidth=4, transp=0)  
plot(plotFallingKnife ? -110 : na, title="FallingKnife",, style=plot.style_cross, linewidth=4, transp=0) 
// } DRAW

// BUY
alertcondition(plotBuy != 0, "High probability buy signal", "High probability buy signal")
alertcondition(bigBuySignal != 0, "High probability buy signal with WT divergence", "High probability buy signal with Wavetrend Divergence ")

alertcondition(plotSell != 0, "High probability sell signal", "High probability buy signal")
alertcondition(bigSellSignal != 0, "High probability sell signal with WT divergence", "High probability sell signal with Wavetrend Divergence ")
alertcondition(plotFallingKnife != 0, "FallingKnife", "Possible FallingKnife")





I am not a investor but I do believe certain types of utility tokens hold great value. Don’t confuse value with price. I’m a great fan of rendertoken Just because I think RENDR holds great value doesn’t mean I’m going to pay more than the actual cost in electricity for rendering out a 3D-Animation. What do I mean by this?
If it cost $10 in electricity to render out a 3d-Animation without Rendr.
I expect the Rendr utility token to do the same job for less than $10.
This is what I mean with valueRENDR is trying to be the global airbnb for electricity. The purpose of a utility token is to cut down on cost of a service.

Secondly, the the law of diminishing marginal utility guarantees diminishing prices long-term. We are dealing with service tokens aka utility tokens that represent the cost of a service, do not confuse these service tokens with genuine crypto currencies, the two are unrelated.

Youtube did a great thing, banning crypto channels. Situation of the current crypto market is dire. We have saturated market with 4000 + utility tokens spawned for free on ethereum-testnet. The of cost of production = $0,00. Value comes from actual utility.

The narrative that the hurdurrr ”As the network grows, the value of the tokens will increase” Nope, value can only derived from utility. If you want sustainable growth you need businesses that actually consume the tokenized services. Right now, the market runs on greater-fools.

If Bitcoin pumps in the next bull-cycle, dump all your utility tokens while u still can. Suggest you get out this market if you’re not a trader. Majority of the ICO erc-20 tokens are heavily manipulated. Cornering, Ramping, Pump-and-Dump. The crypto-market is unregulated, trading volume manipulation isn’t something exclusive to crypto, it happens in all markets.


Every utility token in the cryptospace tries to be the Airbnb of this and that, they generally end up pumped and dumped to death.

95% out of the 4500 utility tokens on coinmarketcap have been …..

  • Jacked up in price, completely defeats the purpose of a utility token. Market valuation has been jacked up by a few very wealthy buyers. They control the supply, hence they control the price by only selling tiny bits, artificial scarcity, composite man in wyckoffian logic, call it what you want. Be careful with chainlink as a ”investment”. Tokenized services are not investments. The demand for link comes from speculators (traders, investors) and not from businesses who have a usage case for the tokens.

  • Blatant narrative manipulation, utility tokens should represent the cost of a service. Some scammy businesses promote these tokens as securities or currencies. Which coin am I talking about ? (Popular coin among simpletons – dubbed the bankercoin aka XRP – they even have their own brainlet twitter army called the XRP-army) Owning one of these scam tokens doesn’t grant you ownership of the technology nor partial ownership of the company but the simpletons think they do. The simpletons even think they are holding a real cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, monero.

  • Pumped and dumped to oblivion. Price will likely congest due to the sheer amount of left-behind bagholders.

  • No development, no github commits, completely dead. The ICO founders probably exitscammed. Yes they can do that, the space is unregulated.

  • Saturation and zero innovation 10 projects ”pioneering” the same business model. Cryptocurrencies for the gaming community. Imagine thinking that E.A or Activision-Blizzard haven’t thought of that idea.

  • blatant scams runned by scammers hosted on a scam exchange like HitBTC. Spoofed orderbooks driven by wash-trades, your orders will never filled unless you market-sell with slippage. Avoid HITbtc at all cost. They are the scammiest exchange in the game.

  • Still testnet, some tokens have been on test-net for ages. Mainnet migration isn’t free, if you’re dealing with a scammy erc-20 ICO token then mainnet is out of the question.

  • Start-ups. What are ICO’s? They are fundraisers for start-ups. What do we know about start-ups? More than 90% of the start-ups fail, the statistics don’t lie. To add more injury to insult, you’re not even holding equity(ownership) in the startup nor equity in the technology. You’re holding a IOU (I owe you) a token that represents a cost of a service. You’re speculating on the future price of a service.

The list goes on and on, it’s free to launch erc-20 token on ethereum testnet. You’re literally investing into a idea and few lines of code. Some tokens do provide great value (if they can deliver a working product) but the price must match with the value.


But what about Venture capitalists, Hedgefunds who invest in these tokens?

None of the VC’s are investing in the utility tokens. They see ”demand” They buy wholesale with 50-80% discount and resell them at a premium.

Yes. social-media is a manipulative bitch, the paid shills on youtube are part of the scam-campaign. FBG-capital admitting PumpAndDump.

Many paid youtube have been caught promoting worthless erc-20 tokens. The fastest way to lose your money is buying a token recommended by popular youtubers. CryptoLark and boxmining promoted PledgeCamp -80% loss on return. IvanonTech promoted sparkster -99% loss on return within 1 minute after listing. I am not wrong.


Genuine CryptoCurrencies, yes CURRENCIES that function and act like currencies are ironically rare in the crypto space. Find a any online-store that accepts crypto currencies and tell me which coins they accept.

Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin, Dash, BitcoinCash ,DogeCoin. MonaCoin What do they all have in common? Yes, correct they are all Proof of Work.

In some retail stores in Japan, you can pay with Monacoin, Dogecoin.

Besides P.O.W currencies like bitcoin, monero and litecoin there are some other newer proof of work currencies that could (not can) rapidly increase in value. One of them is called nervos, a store of value coin with proof of work consensus model. The mining-difficulty will have to increase before this S.O.V coin can appreciate in dollars. Why P.O.W? unlikely erc-20 tokens, P.O.W is backed by cost of production, it isn’t free to mine a POW coin. If demand declines, price will revert to cost of production.


Exchanges are not your friend


Exchanges are for trading, nothing else. Ignore the noise. Stick to trading proof-of-work currencies. Don’t fall victim to the staking schemes. The market is double-auction, buyers and sellers compete for the best price, the law of demand still applies. Price of the asset increase, quantity demanded decreases.

  • Too much supply- not enough demand, price goes down.
  • High demand – scarce supply price goes up

I am suggesting that staking-schemes are used toby the insiders and exchanges to limit the amount of incoming supply during price rallies by incentivizing retail to hodl.

If you stake, you can’t take profit or sell. Your tokens are locked. Which is very convenient for Binance and IEO-Insiders during distribution-runs. If you understand the wyckoff distribution, accumulation cycles. You know exactly what I am talking about. Whole-sale-price buying during bear-cycles, retail-price distribution during bull-cycles. In this case, Binance and the IEO-insiders don’t have to buy, they already own the 70% of the supply. Since you’re dealing with erc-20 testnet tokens, the cost of production is zero fucking dollars. You’re literally buying a tokenized concept or idea, backed by air, the tokens are spawned out of thin air.

When Exchanges and IEO-insiders are distributing their supply at profitable price level, they don’t want retail to dilute the supply. Supply dilution shifts the balance between supply and demand. The sweet spot = just enough supply to meet the overwhelming demand so price can surge higher or remain within a distribution range.

This is why I am suggesting that exchanges and the IEO-insiders orchestrate staking-schemes before major price pumps if this theory holds water then Staking-schemes are a good indicator for price-pumps.

When the exchange and IEO-insiders are ”distributing” their supply, make sure you do NOT stake your coins. If you stake, you can’t sell at unfair value high.

All markets ultimately revolve around FAIR VALUE. The average price that the market agrees to buy and sell at it. This price acts like a magnet, technically it’s called POC or a HighVolumeNode. Price often returns to this fair price level. Uptrends are supply-demand imbalances (price is moving away from fair value, the price is basicly unfairly high and sooner or later the buyers will run out and the price tanks. How do we see this on charts? Study Volume Traded at Price.

To learn about mean regression, click here. Trading isn’t gambling, if you understand VALUE. High probability that price returns back to the Average Value.

TEZOS staking scheme


Most exchanges are out there to scam their customers. Next on the list is OKEX teamed up with the Pledgecamp team (the advisors, VC, early backers, lets call them the insiders. Okex-exchange artificially inflated the PLG-price. That is usually good news, but the retail investors who participated in the ICO were barred from depositing their tokens on OKEX.

OKex and the insiders had a complete monopoly on distribution. Everybody wants to sell at a higher-price and take profit. But if you’re a scumbag like PledgeCamp and OKex, you play dirty. It all trickles down to curbing down on supply to prevent supply-dilution. The law of demand still applies here. Quantity demanded decreases and price increases.

Deposits opened deposits after demand for pledgecoin plummeted. Blocking deposits is one of the scummiest moves I’ve ever seen.

No ICO has ever pulled a more blatant Pump n Dump like this ever in the history of ICO scams.


XRP and XLM centralized, inflationary scam

If you’re new to the scene and you are looking to ”invest” in XRP or Stellar. Don’t…. it’s a scam. Don’t buy these pre-mined tokens that are marketed as digital-currencies, they are not currencies. Trading and dumping on xrp-moonboys is fine but investing in XLM or XRP is financial suicide.

Unlike the central bank that can print at will. The boys at Ripple and Stellar have already printed their supply. The gigantic supply is pre-mined for free and occasionally taken from the vault and dumped on the markets. How much is dumped on bagholders, varies from month to month. Remember these two words. Humongous supply and annual inflation.

Hurrdurr, I’m spreading F.U.D. I trade for a living, traders make money in both bull-bear cycles, what matters is volatility. Just because I trade, doesn’t mean I don’t inform myself bout the tech and business model behind XRP.

The business model is Pump and Dump and paid partnerships. I don’t know any business besides Ripple that pays their customers (moneygram) millions (13.9Million) to use their products. It’s a ticking-timebomb, just a matter of time before regulation start to catch up.


30 Billion Tokens left to be dumped on the market. Before the Supply Burn it was 60 Billion.

Such misinformation?

XLM and XRP are centralized and inflationary.

  • The chain is permissioned, transactions have to be approved by Stellar or Ripple, which act as the financial intermediary, the middleman that ”gives permission” – and approves the transaction. In theory, transactions can be reversed, completely defeats the purpose of blockchain which is immutability. Digital ledgers aka blockchain should be tamper-proof. XRP isn’t trustless, Ripple is literally the middleman, the bank for cryptocurrencies.

  • Not scarce, not digital gold. There is a abundance of non-circulating supply, enough supply for the next 100 years. Not only are you getting screwed with supply-dilution. The supply burn is on-paper only. Max supply 100 Billion XRP with the current burnrate only 1 billion XRP will be burned in the next 100 years, approximately. Would take around 10,000 years to burn all the XRP supply.

  • XRP has been falsely deceitfully marketed as a security, giving average joe the false impression that they are holding a security ownership (equity) in Ripple the company. XRP has been promoted as a currency.

  • Ripple the company is legit, but the XRP tokens they have issued have no proven usage-case. It’s nothing more than a vehicle like cargo-ship transferring value from point A to point B. Even Ripple own director of regulatory relations for Ripple Ryan Zagone denies any connection with XRP. The XRP token is nothing more than a ”vehicle” for transferring value from point A to B. The assumption that ”ripple’s partners” buy/invest XRP tokens is deillusional. Ripple makes revenue licensing RippleNet to their business-partners. When Bank-A wants to send $15 million to Bank-B, the $15 million are automaticly converted to XRP’s market-price, when the XRP tokens arrive at Bank-B, the xrp’s are automaticly converted back to Dollars.
  • Metaphorically speaking. Ripple is a cargoshipping company. RippleNet is cargo-shipping service, XRP-tokens are the cargo-ships. Clients who have signed up for RippleNet, pay a monthly fee for the cargo-shipping-service. And, NO! they do not own/buy/invest in cargoships (xrp). They don’t need too, it’s included in the service. When you ship a packet to another country, would it make sense to buy a airplane? The supply and demand principle doesn’t really apply here. It doesn’t matter whether XRP is $0.001, $0.030, $0.50 or $1 it’ just a ”cargoship” for transferring value from point a to point b. Hence, why big partnerships with big financial players don’t mean shit. Ripple’s partners never paid a penny for XRP tokens.

  • Banks have been and are building their own chain on hyperledger, corda, ethereum. Chinese banks have filed over 300 blockchain patents in 2018 alone. The narrative that Ripple is sole-provider of ”blockchain” services for banking is false. JPMorgan moves trillions of dollars a day, 1500 transactions per second isn’t going to cut it.

Ripple’s Pump And Dump Business Model.


XRP ”investors” are all mentally handicapped. Imagine forming a twitter Bitconnect streetgang that attacks anyone who dares to badmouth Bitconnect then up getting pooped on by Bitconnect. The irony!

XRP Brainlet Archive

October 2018 when XRP was trading at $0.49

Update 24 March 2020

Price target of $0.10 hit…. Here, you have it. While your paid group-leader (cryptomaniac101) predicted $10 in January…. traders who actually trade (me)….. predicted $0.11.