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Why Technical Analysis isn’t enough.

I only trade Bitcoin and Bitcoin has many variables. I assume you’re experienced with the many variables. If you’re just starting this article isn’t for you.

Technical analysis generally tells me what other traders are thinking. For me just TechnicalAnalysis isn’t enough for me to confidently pull the trigger. I do factor in various variables. Prior weekly-monthly-close, open-interest and funding rates, CME gaps, network-difficulty, orderbook-depth etc, volume profile -POC, LVN, HVN’s. All these variables do increase you probability. I don’t know what is going to happen with 100% certainty. With 70% + probability and excellent risk-management that factor in R-multiple. You can be profitable long-term.

I will explain in the next post, why trading Altcoins is pretty much gambling.

There are other forces in the markets that make Technical Analysis often doesn’t account for… For example, Network difficulty will affect the profitability rate for bitcoin miners. If the hashrate is high and network difficulty increases.. a percentage of the network will mine at a loss. When miners go out of business, it can generally results in 10-50% drops. (Miners have to sell their newly mined Bitcoin for Fiat to cover the mining-expenses.) The market must absorb 27000 newly mined bitcoins per month or price will tank and break support. We’ve seen 52 difficulty drops in difficulty since 2009 and I am expecting one soon. Price has a major effect on where miners exits. This is all I am willing to share.


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Orderbook Depth

Tools for measuring the combined (aggregated orderbook depth) from all the spot-exchanges. Meaning combined depth of the market. This data should be measured in real-time near key support and resistance levels. Depth of market indicates pending price-levels with large amount of buyers-sellers. This data is important for large players, their key-concern is slippage. Orderbook-depth should be combined with orderflow and volume-deltas. A candle may print green but you can’t see the delta or difference between buyer and selling power. What you want to look for is how much selling was absorbed by buyers at key-support-key-resistance levels. If you see supply-absorption, a reversal is imminent.

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Thanks, to whalepool for proving what I had suspected for a long-time. Volume Validation.

Take my advice, disable all exchanges and only leave kraken bitstamp bitfinex, gemini visible. Filter out all the exchanges that execute fake orders.

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Liquidity analysis tools.

Software that allows you to see inside the candle. Useful for seeing strength at key support/resistance levels. Compare the Volume Delta’s to measure the strength of a bearish or bullish candle.


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Open interest

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Probabilities on CoronaVirus is 1:686

2018 China’s first bio-safety level 4 lab put into operation in Wuhan China.

A level 4 biolab is unique. A country as big as the US, has 4 x level-4-biolabs. China has 1 and it’s fucking located 8 miles from the origin of the outbreak.

China’s only level 4 biolab locates 8 miles from origin of outbreak.

There are 686 cities in China. If a virus-outbreak was imminent because of weird-Cantonese-Eating-Habits why did it had to occur in Wuhan (8 miles from a level4-biolab? The odds are again 686 against 1.

Chowing down fruit-bats it’s a centuries old Philipino tradition. No man or woman has ever caught a flu from eating fruit-bats ever.. media is bullshitting you.

Only 1 province in China is known for their ”weird” (not-western)-eating habits. That province is called Guangdong, they eat everything , for alleged medicinal purposes. Horse-Penisses, Duck-Tongues, SeaHorses. No where else in China do they eat like the Cantonese.

Why they eat like that?

A explanation could (not can) be found in the fact that part of the region was part of the Vietnamese Nanyue Kingdom. Cantonese people are a hybrid between Vietnamese and Han-Chinese. Their eating culture is somewhat exotic. Or perhaps the fact that there 1.2 Billion Chinese on this planet and food-diversity is necessary is keep them all fed or perhaps the fact that China’s been through 6 famines since the start of this century and they have been forced to explore other food options. Necessity is the mother of invention or breeds innovation.

If hypothetically a ” natural virus-outbreak” would occur from weird eating Cantonese habits, it would have happened in this region for sure. Canton would be the source of the outbreak.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, don’t care. I just think the odds are slim. I think we’re dealing with a man-made bio-engineered virus that escaped a level-4 bio-lab.

What does this have to do with trading? Risk-management, we’re likely dealing with a man-made virus. Now comes the question whether this virus was designed as a weapon. In anycase, start prepping for the worst possible scenario. Stock up on food, medicine, water, for at least 1 year.

Update 20 April.

I wrote that article on 10 Feb, it took the mainstream media almost 2 months to begin even realize that they are dealing with a escaped lab-virus. Mainstream media reporters are mainstream narrative repeaters. Repeating the same lies, distorted facts. Bat-soup is a lie. What I wrote came true, you had plenty of time to accumulate supplies in February, now you’re kinda fucked.

eyes of darkness dean koontz
eyes of darkness dean koontz