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Raising the price of invites to private ICO pools

private pool closed no longer accepting new members until further notice

I am selling invites to private ICO pools and I am raising the prices. $1000 per invite. Yes, this is a 3.33 x increase from previous price. If we look at the recent performance of DiaData, MantraDao, Band-protocol, Solana then you know why invites to private-ICO pools are going berserk. Parabolic demand, low supply.


Do not apply, if you’re not familiar with the ICO-OTC market. Do not apply, if you never bought ICO’s through ICO pools before.

I’m selling invites to the reliable pools that I use myself. Why is my invite worth $1000 ? Reliability… I’ve been buying from this pool since Late-2017. The only private (not public) pool I trust.

Not all ICO’s tokens are minted through erc-20, some ICO-tokens run on other chains like for example substrate, therefore trustless non-custodial pooling solutions like primablock can’t be used to enforce trustless transactions. There has to be a intermediary when the tokens aren’t supported by primablock.

I’m selling ”trust” 99% probability that this private-pool won’t run away with your money. The OTC world is small, everybody knows everybody.

The price is more than fair, getting in popular ICO at the lowest price possible without getting scammed is worth it’s weight in gold.

A popular ICO can do a 2x up to 100x

For information. Message me at