Bitcoin Pricing Models for Macro Cycles.

There are many pricing models out there for Bitcoin, Puell Multiple, Mayer Multiple, Willy Woo’s research, etc. If you’re looking for a easy/passive way to manage Bitcoins macro-cycles. The 200 Week Moving Average Heatmap is the way to go. You won’t be able to time the exact top, however it’s low-maintenance. Sell in increments, scale out your positions. The 200 weekly moving average has never been broken and has always offered historical strong support.

The 200 Weekly is Holy because it depicts the average bitcoin price of the last 4 years (3.84 years to be exact). Each halving cycles takes around 4 years.

  • 200 Week MovingAverage = 3.84 years (200 multiplied by 7 days)
  • 100 Week MovingAverage = 1.92 years (100 multiplied by 7 days)
  • 50 Week MovingAverage = 0.96 year (50 multiplied by 7 days)
  • 20 Week MovingAverage = 0.384 Year approx 4 Months. (20 multiplied by 7 days)

It’s free, relatively accurate and passive. You won’t be able to exactly time the top but that is ok, bitcoin is still one of the best performing assets of this decade.

If you want to maximize your profits with extremely low risk. You can lend out your BTC for approx 8% annual interest at crypto. Remember the old MCO (monaco creditcard company? they rebranded to crypto .com They’ve been around for a while.

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