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Greater-Fools Membership NFT

I will be releasing NFT’s. My NFT’s will give you access to valuable information like where to find reliable ICO pools, which pools are expensive and which OTC sellers are known scammers. You can always contact me for advice. There is a high probability that we are in a bullmarket… ICO’s are coming back. For those who haven’t made their first 100k, you will make it with my guidance, assuming you will have at least 5K as initial starting capital. This is a bold statement.. but few know the asymmetric risk to reward with popular ICO’s. In 2017, my ICX (ICON) investment did 100x on return after it got listed on Binance. Those days are coming with.. MantraDao recently did a 10x on Return.

The price for 1 NFT is 1 Ethereum. Membership is life-time.

If you don’t need a NFT , send me a email and I will provide the List.

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