Greater-Fools NFT

I’m releasing 300 Non-Fungible-Tokens on rarible. Price for 1 NFT will be around 1 ethereum. Owning one grants you access to information about known OTC/ICO scammers, which pools are red-flags, which ico pools are reliable and which ICO pools I use. The pools I’m using are not free… one must purchase membership to receive guaranteed allocation. First-come-first-serve rule do not apply here. I am selling a list : List contains

  • known OTC/ICO scammers (middleman) (90% of them at some point will run away with your money like how they did with Fetch.AI and the pool.
  • Which 3 pools you should avoid (not necessarily scammers but high fees and generally expensive)
  • Which two pools I’m using for guaranteed allocation. (Reliable, trustworthy pools aren’t free… membership can range from $250 up to $2500

This post isn’t aimed at crypto-newcomers. I assume you understand how the ICO-game works and how for example Ian Balina made his first $5 Million. Yeah, he was a presale-ICO-flipper and a terrible shil just like 90% of the other paid crypto-youtubers.

It’s 2020 and ICO’s are coming back. MantraDao did a 10 x not so long ago.

The information is out there… you can try digging for yourself and get burned along the way or save yourself some months, theft and stress of not knowing who you can trust.

Want to buy fully/partially unlocked ICO tokens at public/presale price before they hit a exchange? I got what you need but it won’t be free. My time, my losses will be compensated for the information I offer.

If you hold a US or Chinese / HongKong citizenship you are barred from ICO’s. You can bypass these restrictions through ICO-pools or OTC, or accredited investor status.

The price is 1 ETH each for a list of

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