Mine Pi-Network – free money

Mine Pi-network on a spare-phone. The IOU futures price was $0.25 months now it’s $0.38.

All altcoins/shitcoins can be converted to BTC or fiat, literally free money. I own alot and I want alot more. Greed is a good thing when it’s literally risk-free. Use common sense mine it on a spare phone. Use my invite code kimman137 after installing the app.

Stellar Lumens was free in 2014 ($0.0018 to $0.64 in 3 years) Ontology newsletter subscribers received free 1000 ONT each. (I dumped them at $6 each) Early Dfinity supporters are now getting free airdrops ($100 – $2500 worth of Dfinity Tokens) The IOU futures price of Dfinity is now trading at $31 each. Free UNI tokens worth $2400 (current marketprice) for early uniswap users. Nano formerly known as RaiBlocks was free – traded at $30 during the 2017 bubble.

Edgeware lockdrop was free, it was trading at $0.035 a week ago. Nucypher held a work-lock a week ago, free fucking money again. Several bitcoin forks – bitcoin gold, bitcoin cash, bitcoin diamond etc, bytebal etc. Numerous erc-20 airdrops that were worth on average $200 each – eximchain, insights network, rebellious.

Use Common Sense. When you sign up.

Use emails – phone-numbers – phones dedicated for airdrops/worklocks/pos-mining

Do not use Email/Phonenumber/Phone that is tied to any centralized/decentralized exchange.

Brave giving away free BasicAttentionToken, if you use their browser. Each token is trading at $0.20-$0.50

I had around 12k EOS.. why? Because of the free airdrops… Every EOS hodler received 50-100 free airdrops. The free airdrops could then be immediately dumped on newdex.

To sum it all up. You will probably make more money in crypto (risk-free) than with mainstream ”incomes” ideas like travel-blogging, instagram-spamming, selling stock footage, hurdurr youtube influencing. Every normie is doing it. I don’t sign up for every shitcoin airdrop. Few are high-end and those who know don’t speak.

Signing up for quality airdrops, worklocks, lockdrops is something few know about and understand. I will drop some info from time to time.

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