Altcoins scam

Not your keys, not your coins enshrined in US case Law

Here and there, I will post things that are important.

There is no guarantee that this loophole won’t be exploited by insolvent exchanges planning to exit-scam. My account from 2017 is frozen They want me to do K.Y.C done it 4 times, everytime they come with a excuse to delay the withdrawing process. Letters too small, letters on my passport not sharp enough. We need to see your elbows, camera needs to be further away. Without KYC, you can’t withdraw from exchanges that require K.Y.C.

Bilaxy, MXC, HOO,, hotbit , and dozens of other smaller exchanges are all washtrading to fake volume. They pay popular crypto-outlet to write fake reviews. If you’ve been in this space longer than 2-3 years, you know these smaller exchanges are full of shit. DOS has to fork because MXC sold dos tokens they didn’t have.

MXC is not allowing XOR holders to withdraw their coins right now

Stick to less scummy exchanges like Binance or Decentralized exchangs like Uniswap, 1inch.Exchange, if you know what is good for you.

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