pyramid schemes clogging the ETHEREUM network and slowing down DeFi

Let’s look, who is responsible for clogging the Ethereum network (last 30 days)

Top gasburners – last 30 days (tether, forsage etc)

It’s kinda funny, how forsage is making no effort in hiding the fact that they are running a pyramid-scheme, even the structure is shaped like a pyramid… right in your face, zero fucks given lol.

Ethereum gas-prices are now surpassing all-time-highs. There is no doubt this will cut into the returns for yield-farmers but would it be enough to cause a exponential DeFi slowdown?

If S.E.C won’t shut the ponzi’s down.

Fees for Decentralized Exchanges like kyberswap, uniswap, will continue to rise and liquidity will move back to centralized exchanges.

The DeFi revolution on Ethereum will either slowdown or come to a complete halt until a solution is found.

Keep a eye out for other chains that can offer the same DeFi services but on a different chain.


Forage, LionShare are ponzi-schemes, stop sending me messages on telegram that they are not. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

They promise GUARANTEED and CONSISTENT returns, Since you have LOCKED/STAKED your money, you CAN’T sell when the pyramid collapses. I promise you within 6-12 Months, you will see your favorite decentralized bla bla pyramid-scheme featured on S.E.C frontpage. No, I’m not snitching… I don’t have to do anything, it’s all cause and effect and a matter of time.

  • guaranteed returns
  • consistent returns (even the best hedgefund on the planet – Jim Simon’s medaillion fund can’t guarantee consistent returns)
  • Staked your funds, now your funds are locked and you can’t cash out when shit hits the fan.

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