Render Token ? Sell

Render Token is likely get listed on Coinbase. Should you invest in this? Trading and running a train on noobs is fine but position-trading, long-term investing will get you rekt and this is coming from a person who knows a thing or two about rendering, visual FX, game-technology, leveldesign game-asset-creation, economics, trading, and art but keep in mind… Writing isn’t my thing. Never had to ”write” in my previous jobs.

Utility Price vs Value.

RNDR is a token that represents the cost of a service. (utility token) The goal of RNDR is to save cost on rendering. If it cost $5 to render out a 3 minute animation – 60 FPS – 4k. I expect RNDR to render the same animation for less than $5, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money. The goal of RNDR token is to save on electricity-cost and time.

Demand for RNDR will come from uninformed retail ”investors” greater-fools…. hurdurr coonbase moon!

Demand should come from smaller indie studios who could use the RNDR tokens to save on time and cost , but this will not happen when you have greater fools propping up the prices.

RNDR will become too expensive for any genuine usage-case. Longterm investing or position trading utility tokens is generally a recipe for financial suicide. Your financial demise is absolutely guaranteed by the Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility

If you want sustainable growth you need businesses that actually consume the tokenized services and build a genuine foundation for growth.

Secondly, I wouldn’t bet a single penny on outdated distributed GPU rendering tech. Because precomputation (rendering) is becoming outdated.

Realtime Graphics (UNREAL 5) vs Pre-Rendered (RNDR)

Let’s get into the tech and why rendering – (precomputation-prerendering) is becoming redundant in the visual FX for TV and Movies. It’s basicly a battle between ”realtime rendering” vs ”Pre-rendered” and Real-time-Graphics powered by Game-Engine Technology is already the new standard for architectural visualization, virtual stages, cinematics. The answer is simply time and money. Real-time pipelines are going to substitute traditional” 3D CG-animated movie production pipelines. It’s about all cost and time.

RNDR is trying to be a distributed renderfarm on the blockchain for traditional CGI movie pipelines. I am predicting that these movie-like production pipelines will become extinct. The answer is money. Real-time pipelines have the potential to cut cost and time by 50-80%.

Unreal 5 – (techical aimed at tech-artists) and why this is killing tradional 3D cinematic workflows.

For those who haven’t been living under a rock. Meet Unreal 5 and Nanite virtualized geometry. Read the line that states : No need to bake details to normal maps. (baking = renderbaking as in Precomputation) Massive Time-Saver compared to tradional workflows cost of production and time reduced by at least 50%. Yes at least 50%.

Here comes the kicker that will make precomputation for visual FX obsolete in the near future. Unreal 5 is making headline news with Fully Dynamic Global Illumination, what you see is what you get with zero loss in quality, no precalculation necessary, everything is lit in real-time. In previous engines, lights and shadows had to be pre-calculated and captured on texture called a lightmap. Without getting into the technicals… this process was very tedious and time-consuming and required many iterations to get it right.

”Lumen erases the need to wait for lightmap bakes to finished and to author light map UV’s” Ask any level-designer about the horrors of light-baking, lightmap UV seams, Lightmap iteration. It’s a thing of the past. Load in the meshes in the engine, setup the parameters , set up the lights, tweak the settings, done.

This ground breaking technology will make ”pre-computation” aka pre-rendering obsolete for TV-shows, Movies. Watch the 2019 siggraph presentation and tell me that I am wrong. This is where the industry is heading. Game-engines will offer their users to render photorealistic imagery in Realtime. We’re in that age now, games will look photoreal. But this isn’t the reason, why TV-shows, Movies are adopting Real-time Graphics, technological breakthroughs like Lumen and Nanite allows these companies to save time and cost in the long-run. Like I said earlier, tradional 3D-workflows for games are labour-intensive and prone to many iterations.

95% of the Utility tokens will fail.

Most of the people in crypto don’t really know what they are investing in. They think every altcoin will perform similar like Bitcoin pre-2011.

For example, they don’t know that Bitcoin, Monero, LiteCoin is a indices that represents money and they are trying to compare it with for example remittance indices like XRP.

Study the different sectors/indices and understand the different functions, usagecases of a token, find out who is buying and for what reason.

You can’t compare Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) token like Ethereum, Nervos, harmony-one with remittance token like Stellar or XRP, two different sectors, two completely different usagecases.

Anyway enough writing. Stay away from Crypto if you don’t understand the technology and why certain altcoins will likely hit another 2000% in 2-4 years.

Yes, another 2000% or even 10000%

We’re in a kinda special age. First time, in history can we actually indirectly invest in open-source technology through tokens that stimulate and fund their development. Think of tokens as a ownership of the protocol. If hypothetically speaking, we could timetravel to 1996 and find a way to invest in open-source Linux, usenet, ftp, ssl, http, we would be multi-millionairs by now.

We’re now in stage 1 of the internet era – centralized

If you want to invest in relatively easy to understand utility tokens, look for decentralized storage. The demand for decentralized storage will grow exponentially as data (scale, size) is exponentially increasing. Don’t listen to me, listen to Michael Burry from the ”Big-short” find out what he has to say on ”storage” Hint : Look for censorship-resistant, permanent, immutable, fully distributed data storage projects. Here is a another hint. ”Blockweave” Always do your own research.

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