Crypto Sectors

Crypto is a general term for the different sectors within the crypto-economy. Projects marked in yellow are emerging sectors with deep VC funding, would love to know whether these VC’s received tokens or equity. If anyone knows :

  • Money : Bitcoin
  • Privacy + Money : Monero
  • Ad-reward : Basic-Attention-token
  • Remittance : Stellar and Ripple
  • StableCoins : USDT , BUSD, Paxos, Gemini Dollar, USD coin
  • IOT internet of things : IOTA, IoTex, IOT-chain,
  • Lending : Salt, Akro, Cred, Populous, EthLend
  • Permanent Decentralized Storage : Arweave
  • Decentralized computing platforms : Dfinity
  • Decentralized Healthcare : , lympo, CureCoin.
  • Decentralized Artificial Intelligence : Singularity, Fetch.AI
  • Decentralized Social Media : Kin,, U network
  • Decentralized Energy Platforms : PowerLedger, Wepower.
  • Blockchain as a service ”BAAS” : Ethereum, EOS, Nervos, HarmonyOne

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