Final shake-out 10K = TOP

First of all, don’t panic. This is all part of the greater shake-out. Read my post from 20 March. Big Boys are selling off. Bitcoin will be declared dead. Relax… hedge in cash. Accumulate for 2021. This pump was a supply-test. Big-funds wants your BTC at whole-sale prices. I’m betting that we will hit the $6xxx range, let’s see if I’m right. The data from santiment correlates with the data from Glassnode, scroll down and read the report.

7 June Update

I wrote this blogpost on 1 June, 1 day before the massive $500 dump candle. How did I knew it would dump.

I will give you a hint, so you know I am not bullshitting you. I check historical trades over $100k on the spot market. Picture related. That is all I’m going to disclose. 100-200 BTC sell orderblocks at $10,080 and above. Which exchange, how to set the settings, which tool I am using… it’s up to you to figure it out.

edit – these sell-orders were realized, meaning they were executed. Not a spoof.

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