bitcoin trading

Finding Bitcoin Tops and Bottoms from a Macro Perspective.

Finding market-cycle rough estimates for Bitcoin bottoms and tops from a macro-perspective is relatively easy if you know where to find/combine the tools for measuring bitcoin micro-economics (Supply and demand).

There are variables like miners-revenue, difficulty adjustments, supply halvings, realized cap vs marketcap.….these variables make valuation of bitcoins complicated. At some point prices will always revert to the mean, the law of large numbers and law of demand is programmatically build in the bitcoin network.
2 data-analyst from 2 well-known hedgefunds and 1 OG-investor have developed 3 different public indicators that allow you to see long-term macro-tops and macro-bottoms with relative ease. The indicators were specifically designed for the micro-economics of the bitcoin-network and should be used from a macro-perspective.
The knowledge is publicly available, however combining them to form a new thesis is how it can be effectively used for finding high probability tops and bottoms in position trading is a new concept that I accidentally stumbled upon.
When all indicators are combined, we can see the rough estimation of the beginning and ending of cycles. This data allows us to scale in and scale-out our buy and sell orders to get the average price. I’m not bullshitting you.. It’s fairly accurate (from a macroperspective) for bottoms and tops and it does take into consideration average-price proxies like the 200-period Weekly Moving Average. Why the 200 WMA? 200 weeks = roughly 3.8 years .. what happens every 4 years in the bitcoin economy?

This data can be effectively used for position-trading (traders who hold on to a position for months to years) or hodlers who want to take profit from every 6 months.

I will not release this information for free. This information will be monetized by crypto-youtube-cunts and resold by social-media twitter traders, that don’t trade but make money from courses, signals and calls.

The market is zero-sum, for every seller there must be a matching buyer on the other side of the orderbook, for every winner there must be a loser to pay for our wins.

If you’re the type that wants to take profit from every major cycle, then you should invest in the knowledge I have to offer.

The price for the manual will be $2500 in either Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin

You won’t be disappointed, this isn’t some tradingview bullshit indicator. Expect a good estimate in forecasting monthly Bitcoin Market Cycles ending and beginnings.

If you read my blog often, you might figure it out.

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