What your future will look like, unless you …..

Corporate Socialism

What we are witnessing now, is social welfare for Corporate America. Infinite money cheat has been activived to bailout banks and Corporate America. Stocks are getting artificially pumped as a result.

Trump administration will use the StockMarket as a benchmark for how well the economy is doing and simply ignore the fact that the recession is already here.

What surprises me…. money printer goes brrr, yet CPI (consumer index price – proxy for inflation) is decreasing. I have reason to believe that the dollar is deflating… this is just a opinion and shouldn’t be taken as a advice. Goods and services should drop as a result.

Digital FIAT

Digital Dollar/Euro/Yuan will you fuck your privacy on a whole new level. The Digital Dollar will not be decentralized… my guess is that the chain will be permissioned, there will be financial intermediary or middle man that will ”approve” the transaction like the XLM/XRP consensus model. Permissioned chains allow the financial intermediary… to freeze, blacklist, block, roll-back transactions.

Tell me, how this system cannot be weaponized against certain individuals or even entire countries. You throw in a global ID in the mix…. welcome to 1984.

Cash is anonymous. With digital dollars, you’re basicly letting the (……) know what you’re purchasing, all this data will be eventually on private ledger. Contrary to popular belief, bitcoin isn’t anonymous, sure you can make it harder to track you by using bitcoin mixing services, but it isn’t anonymous. Bitcoin has thoroughly used track darknet-vendors on the darknet. Digital FIAT + Global ID = (……).

Just imagine, purchasing a metric ton of fertilizer. You’re gonna draw attention from (……). Or a algo that can detect ingredients for making a home-made explosives. This guy purchased this and that… you will be automaticly placed on the list.

How the world will look like from my Point of view. Probably, very similar on how a algo works. Trigger – Open – Manage – Close.


Internet of things IOT, every machine, toilet, alexia, fridge, microwave, lights, in your house will be able to communicate with each other and form a infrastructure for passive monitor/mining of private data.


Sensors will be able to capture audible, typed in keywords, gestures, facial gestures, health perhaps even comprehend mood-states (sentiment analysis).

Data processing

We’re not even talking about social-media, like instagram, facebook, twitter. We’re talking about untapped resources.

Spending habits (digital fiat), workday habits (IOT, social Media) , health habits (Fitbit), political, religious affiliation (IOT, social Media)

This data will provide valuable statistics to the Mega Corporations that run the World. We can see that already happening with Amazon, AliBaba, small businesses being absorbed by these Mega Corporations.

All this data, can be plotted on a chart and quantitative analysts can build prediction models, project Alphas. All this data can tell you what the majority of the masses think and feel. Plot this data with a gaussian distribution model and you clearly see the average.

I took this screen from wallstreetbets. It’s a meme in itself.

Your future

I do not think, we will see a USSR type of collapse, this collapse will be more subtle and hidden from the public and let’s not forget totalitarian/technocratic/orwellian in nature.

I’m using Hong Kong as a blueprint for what the collapse could look like.

  • Newly build homes, apartments will start to become smaller and tighter. Mini-homes will be dubbed ”green, environmentally conscious, socially progressive.
  • Everyday items like your daily smoothies,chocolate bars will become incrementally more expensive, or quantity/volume will incrementally decrease.
  • Weekly work hours will get longer, your pay will only slightly increase, barely able to keep up with inflation.
  • Time spend with face-to-face friends, family will decrease, your free-time will gradually decrease. Cost of living will become gradually more expensive. In South East Asia, work hours + OT is pretty insane.
  • In time, your standards for housing, food, relationships, work will decrease. Your former-self will become a distant memory.

1-10 Trillion Market by 2024

Take a shot a crypto, the rewards favor the risk. We’re at the beginning of a new bullmarket which starts either at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. Gold rose 7% last 2 months, bitcoin rose 40% bitcoin, few micro-cap altcoins with extremely thin orderbooks managed to capture over 2500%. The knowledge is out there, however it takes tremendous amount of time, experience, study to filter through all the nonsense and garbage. I don’t gamble, I take high probability bets with odds greater than 70%. The odds of crypto hitting the 1-10 trillion marketcap is high. We’re at the beginning of a new emerging asset class, which soon will become mainstream. The brightest, smartest quants on the planet is without a doubt Renaissance Technologies, Jim Simons’s team, outperformed BerkshireHathaway (Warren Buffet’s) and  BridgeWater Associates (Ray Dalio’s).. RenTech is riding the bitcoin train. We have the brightest hedgefund on the planet riding the bitcoin train, yet you fools listen to Warren Buffet.

My portfolio consist of primarily Bitcoin, Nervos.

Take my advice… get free shitcoins – sell shitcoins in bullmarket for USD and buy BTC or Nervos during bearmarkets.

I see money just as fuel for realizing ideas. At some point, you want to return back to tradition.

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