Emergency Preparedness – with crypto.

Normies aren’t ready for Decentralized Finance, it comes with responsibilities, period.
If you own lots of crypto, then you are your own private bank. Being your own private bank, it comes with fairly heavy responsibilities.
You don’t want to be that guy that forgot to bring his private keys when he/she is forced to leave his/her property in emergency situations.

I own a bug-out bag… What is a bug-out bag?
A bug-out bag is a portable kit that normally contains the items one would require to survive for 72 hours when evacuating from a man-made or natural disasters. (Hurricanes, Wildfires, Riots, Arson, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s.) Always hide your private-keys in your bug-out-wallet. Don’t forget to hide your bug-out-bag or simply disguise it as a trashbag.

If you got money to burn, build a bug-out-vehicle (car, boat, bike)

Crypto-centric Bug-out-bag

A Decentralized Finance – bug-out-bag should contain the following items :

  • Two hardware-wallets (backup hardware-wallet for recovery)
  • Yubico – YubiKey (incase I need to bypass 2step verification)
  • Fully encrypted (veracrypt) usb stick with a KeePass password Manager.
  • Passport/ID with important documents. (store them in a waterproof bag)
  • Fiat money
  • Power-banks + Small solar-panel.
  • Small ultrabook, or windows-tablet.
  • Portable WIFI-hotspot.


If you live in apartment, might be a good idea to invest in Rappelling gear, it can provide a extra escape route.
Make copies of your wallet-seed-words that allows recovery of your hardware-wallets. Hide them for example in your grand-parents house. Be creative like hiding them in plain-sight with art.

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