Node-based visual scripting and back-testing

Tired of pine-script?

Meet superalgo’s node-based visual scripting and backtesting.

For the dyslectic noobs like myself, this is the long-term solution.

This is not for you, if you’re not familiar with Technical analysis, algo’s are nothing more than just a series of instructions. The purpose of superalgos (at least for me) is to backtest and play around with the different strategies.

If you’re familiar with Unity playmaker or Unreal blueprint or any node-based visual scripting tool, then you know what this is. It’s like mind-mapping with operators, variables and functions.

I have a background/experience working Unreal’s node-based shader editor, my brain is already wired to think with nodes. If you have issues with dyslexia and you still want back-test without worrying about syntax, this is the tool for you.

And no, I don’t get paid to promote this project. Sharing is caring.

Example of a backtest.

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