Puell Multiple showed that we have bottomed.

Distribution is just auctioning in the literal sense.

Kurtosis is a fancy word for distribution. With volume and market-profiles you can measure kurtosis.

There are 3 different types of distribution profiles. Platykurtic, Mesokurtic, Leptokurtic. Learn about about them here.

Why is this important, kurtosis or probability distribution allows you to see whether price is stuck in a range or ready to break out.

The profile clearly shows mesokurtic distribution. The range is 8xxx-5xxx What matters is that bitcoin is undergoing auctoning process.

During mesokurtic distribution price will NOT breakout, instead it will be rotating between 5xxx-8xxx till buyers and sellers both agree on price they are willing to buy or sell at. Once ”fair value” is found, once the mean is found, range will get narrower and tigher. Like how bollinger bands squeeze and breakout. Expect volatility to decrease and $7000 to be a magnet for price.

Remember, price can only breakout during leptokurtic distribution.


It’s unlikely that Bitcoin will hit $3750 again , unless we see blackswan event like 2016 Halving. Don’t listen to the ”analyst” that claim that bitcoin will hit $1xxx-2xxx. They don’t trade, their main-occuption is to give interviews, get interviews, sell indicators, sell courses.

In 2016 after Halving, bitfinex got hacked and it dumped hard. I can’t predict whether we will see a blackswan or not. Latest news is that Binance, okex, bitmex, bitfinex are getting sued for selling unregistered securities but ”filings” don’t really mean shit and these class-action lawsuits take months or even years to settle.

Puell multiple also shows that we have bottomed. Don’t expect much from this rally, maybe 8xxx max.

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