About Greater-fools

Greater-fools Club

Show me the people who you hang out and I will show you your future.

Greater-fools is a reach out for like-minded experienced technical/fundamental traders with a ability to detect scam, lies, deception. If you’ve been in this game for a while, then you know I am not bullshitting, the space is riddled with lies and deception and scams

I want to expand this community to 40 people, a community for sharing bullshit-free information. Fundamentals matter, T.A is just part of the equation.

The goal of this private community is share knowledge within our small private community and hopefully thrive in the upcoming recession. I am not trying to build a consumer-follower type of community and then sell products.

I will share some of the information publicly from time to time. I don’t do social-media… I’m not trying to promote my site. I am not selling anything. The goal is information-sharing because we live in interesting times. Corona gave us the opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ve received news in early February 2020 that certain rogue hedgefunds that PumpAndDumped your erc-20 shitcoins to death are moving capital into HFT Firms. They killed the ICO, IEO market and now are after the Bitcoin Market. One of the implications is that bitcoin could long-term become a efficient market. The theory of a efficient market is that Bitcoin always trade around fair value or the average making it extremely hard to short overvalued prices (ValueAreaHigh) or long at undervalued prices (ValueAreaLow). Incase bitcoin become efficient, we need to find clever ways to diversify and hedge. In efficient markets price will tend to trade closer to the ”average value”.

We are now focussing primarily on BTC-futures, the market is still inefficient and the extreme extensions are profitable.

My Private Group is Full. Exceptions can be made for

  • Preferably Analyst personality types. INTP-INTJ’s, logical rational thinkers.
  • Good traders that trade for a living, not technical-analyst fake-gurus that sell signals or books, courses. Bitmex-ID is required.
  • Background in Statistics, Mathematics, Business Development is preferred and good understanding is the Fundamentals are desire-able.
  • Don’t start drama for the lulz, keep it professional.

There is a waiting list for 3-6-8 months. I want to keep the group small so we can learn about each other.

About Me.

Not going to tell you what I have studied, only what I have done before I started trading. I’m a business owner.

In 2012 , I discovered the Palmer Luckey kickstarter – funded the development after receiving the Oculus DK1 I soon realized that this tech could be used for different variety of industries, medical, hospality, weddings. Builded my first prototype VR architectural visualisation app in Unity in 2015, received good reviews. In 2016, I started a company specializing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality immersive experiences. It was very very hard in the beginning, nobody understood VR and what we were trying to sell. Through luck, we discovered the Hong Kong Market. We were the first who offered photogrammetry (matterport) for the Hong Kong Real-Estate Market. Majority of our clients came from Macau, Hong Kong region. Due to the Pro-Democracy Protests (2014 Umbrella Revolution) hospatility business has been slowly declining.

I got into crypto as a way to hedge capital, as a business you always need to cut cost or scale. Crypto so far has been great.

Our clients included St-Regis, Starwood Hotels, Meridien, W Hong Kong, Sheraton, DutyFreeShop, Cordis, Sands cotai Central. Weddings, Casino’s.

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