Don’t Panic, pain is weakness leaving the cryptospace.

There are some great chartist out there, that you probably have never heard off. They are low-key-under-the-radar-anon. Clout is for the phonies like Peter-Brandt predicting 100k during a bulltrend and $1000 during a downtrend. Clout is for tradingview ”paper” traders (conman) with their paid-signal groups. Why sell courses and signals if you actually make money from the markets? Enjoy your losses, autists. I really hope you all sold below $4000.

Update 15 March 2020

My predictions for 2020 came true. Feels good to be rational.

Have we bottomed yet? We will bottom when Bitcoin sentiment turns EXTREMELY bearish.

We are close to the bottom, doesn’t mean we won’t see a liquidity grab (stophunt for long-liquidity as in dump before pump) It’s very possible that $3750 was the bottom.