Probabilities on CoronaVirus is 1:686

2018 China’s first bio-safety level 4 lab put into operation in Wuhan China.

A level 4 biolab is unique. A country as big as the US, has 4 x level-4-biolabs. China has 1 and it’s fucking located 8 miles from the origin of the outbreak.

China’s only level 4 biolab locates 8 miles from origin of outbreak.

There are 686 cities in China. If a virus-outbreak was imminent because of weird-Cantonese-Eating-Habits why did it had to occur in Wuhan (8 miles from a level4-biolab? The odds are again 686 against 1.

Chowing down fruit-bats it’s a centuries old Philipino tradition. No man or woman has ever caught a flu from eating fruit-bats ever.. media is bullshitting you.

Only 1 province in China is known for their ”weird” (not-western)-eating habits. That province is called Guangdong, they eat everything , for alleged medicinal purposes. Horse-Penisses, Duck-Tongues, SeaHorses. No where else in China do they eat like the Cantonese.

Why they eat like that?

A explanation could (not can) be found in the fact that part of the region was part of the Vietnamese Nanyue Kingdom. Cantonese people are a hybrid between Vietnamese and Han-Chinese. Their eating culture is somewhat exotic. Or perhaps the fact that there 1.2 Billion Chinese on this planet and food-diversity is necessary is keep them all fed or perhaps the fact that China’s been through 6 famines since the start of this century and they have been forced to explore other food options. Necessity is the mother of invention or breeds innovation.

If hypothetically a ” natural virus-outbreak” would occur from weird eating Cantonese habits, it would have happened in this region for sure. Canton would be the source of the outbreak.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, don’t care. I just think the odds are slim. I think we’re dealing with a man-made bio-engineered virus that escaped a level-4 bio-lab.

What does this have to do with trading? Risk-management, we’re likely dealing with a man-made virus. Now comes the question whether this virus was designed as a weapon. In anycase, start prepping for the worst possible scenario. Stock up on food, medicine, water, for at least 1 year.

Update 20 April.

I wrote that article on 10 Feb, it took the mainstream media almost 2 months to begin even realize that they are dealing with a escaped lab-virus. Mainstream media reporters are mainstream narrative repeaters. Repeating the same lies, distorted facts. Bat-soup is a lie. What I wrote came true, you had plenty of time to accumulate supplies in February, now you’re kinda fucked.

eyes of darkness dean koontz
eyes of darkness dean koontz

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