BITMEX System Freeze

Bitmex – I’ve been trading on bitmex for years. I’ve come to conclusion that Bitmex prob will never fix their platform freeze problems during high volatility peaks. It’s fucked up for scalpers. Yesterday, I got rekt twice, system froze couldn’t place a stop. You only have a 1-2 seconds to perform 3 crucial actions.

  • Place a stop and dynamicly adjust a stop.
  • Place a series of scaled orders through the API.
  • Place your first Take-Profit target.

And, Yes I am using all the dirty tricks in the book, quick-fill ”frontrunning api-calls” and I still don’t get filled most of the time. Instant scaled orders, (DollarCostAverage) yesterday there was 1 second delay. When the platform is literally sabotaging your actions, it’s time to move on.

I’m switching over to bybit. Type in google ”bybit scaled orders” Fuck bitmex.

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