XRP and XLM centralized, inflationary scam

If you’re new to the scene and you are looking to ”invest” in XRP or Stellar. Don’t…. it’s a scam. Don’t buy these pre-mined tokens that are marketed as digital-currencies, they are not MONEY. Stellar and XRP fall under the category Remittance … transferring value from point A to B. Trading and dumping on xrp-moonboys is fine but investing in XLM or XRP is financial suicide.

Unlike the central bank that can print at will. The boys at Ripple and Stellar have already printed their supply. The gigantic supply is pre-mined for free and occasionally taken from the vault and dumped on the markets. How much is dumped on bagholders, varies from month to month. Remember these two words. Humongous supply and annual inflation.

Summary : 60% undistributed supply – Ripple and Jed McCaleb are constantly dumping, partnerships that don’t amount to anything. Millions of normies that bought XRP at $1-3 are itching to dump their bags at first sign of recovery.

Hurrdurr, I’m spreading F.U.D. I trade for a living, traders make money in both bull-bear cycles, what matters is volatility. Just because I trade, doesn’t mean I don’t inform myself bout the tech and business model behind XRP – ripple.

The business model is Pump and Dump and paid partnerships. I don’t know any business besides Ripple that pays their customers (moneygram) millions (13.9Million) to use their products. Literally, paying fortune 500 companies for clout and relevancy.

It’s a ticking-timebomb, just a matter of time before regulation start to catch up. (XRP failed the Howey-test and according the S.E.C it’s a unregistered security. Good luck outgunning the S.E.C.


Jed’s XRP wallet check outgoing tx’s….


Such misinformation?

XLM and XRP are centralized and inflationary.

  • The chain is permissioned, transactions have to be approved by Stellar or Ripple, which act as the financial intermediary, the middleman that ”gives permission” – and approves the transaction.
  • In theory, transactions can be reversed, completely defeats the purpose of blockchain. Digital ledgers aka blockchain should be tamper-proof, immutable and irreversible.
  • Technically, Stellar and Ripple have nothing to do with crypto. Genuine Crypto CURRENCIES <— don’t have a CEO, fancy office, can’t be shut down by governments. You shut down Ripple the Company and XRP will tank to $0.

  • Not scarce, not digital gold. There is a abundance of non-circulating supply, enough supply for the next 100 years. Not only are you getting screwed with supply-dilution. The supply burn is on-paper only.
  • Max supply 100 Billion XRP with the current burn rate
  • Not a single bank is using XRP for remittances.. at this current demand-supply rate.
  • 200.000 XRP are burned every year on average.
  • 20 Million XRP burned in 100 years on average.
  • 200 Million XRP burned in 1000 on average.
  • 55072185766 XRP remaining left to be dumped on noobs and newbies. Hurdurr.. #xrpthestandard.
  • At $1000 per XRP, we’re talking about 44 Trillion in realised cap. (CirculatingSupply + market-price) Telling noobs marketcap doesn’t matter, it’s like saying deficits don’t matter.
  • There is approximately US $37 trillion in circulation: this includes all the physical money and the money deposited in savings and checking accounts. 
  • Money in the form of investments, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies exceeds $1.2 quadrillion.

  • XRP has been falsely deceitfully marketed as a security, giving average joe the false impression that they are holding a security ownership (equity) in Ripple the company, the technology. Funny enough…XRP has been promoted as a currency (money) as well by popular crypto youtubers.
  • XRP and Stellar are decentralized remittance indices. A tokenized vehicle for transferring arbitrary value to point A to B… thats it. Just remittance.
  • You can’t compare MONEY with REMITTANCE. The security/consensus model (P.O.W) is backed by Electricity bills, cost of production for Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Monero, BitcoinSV, Litecoin isn’t $0. A single bitcoin is backed by 4 digits in electricity cost. XRP and XLM are premined for free. Cost of production is zero.

  • Ripple the company is legit, but the XRP tokens they have issued have no proven usage-case. Not a single fortune 500 company is using XRP for remittance. Ripple is paying well-known fortune 500 companies millions of dollars to use Ripplenet, so they brag about ”partnerships” and dump their tokens on gullible normies and goobers like your mom and dad.

  • Even Ripple own director of regulatory relations for Ripple Ryan Zagone denies any connection with XRP. They know damn well that they are selling vaporware. See proof below.

  • The XRP token is nothing more than a ”vehicle” for transferring value from point A to B. The assumption that ”ripple’s partners” buy/invest XRP tokens is deillusional. Ripple makes revenue licensing RippleNet to their business-partners. You see.. Ripple the company pays other companies to use their technology (ripplenet) You’re not required to buy XRP tokens in order to make use of RippleNet. It’s included in the service.

  • Metaphorically speaking. Ripple is a cargoshipping company. RippleNet is cargo-shipping service, XRP-tokens are the cargo-ships.

  • Owning XRP doesn’t give you equity or ownership in Ripple the company or the technology (cRipplenet).
  • XRP can’t scale… the closest thing, we have right now to a fully functioning third gen layer 1 platform that can scale is …….. and it’s competing to become money.

Ripple’s business model is shady. Forbes did a detailed report on their shady business practices.

You don’t fool me.

Update 7 October 2020

Fake twitter wanna-be whale predicts demand for XRP will skyrocket as soon as the US regulation of cryptocurrencies is clarified. Remember the date 10 September 2020.

Ripple’s Pump And Dump Business Model.


XRP ”investors” are all mentally handicapped. Imagine forming a twitter Bitconnect streetgang that attacks anyone who dares to badmouth Bitconnect then up getting pooped on by Bitconnect. The irony!

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