How to make money without money?

Start small

Honestly, making money with no money is tough but possible. Trading skills are the key. Trading is probability theory. Different styles of trading. My trading style revolves around mean reversion. The concept that prices will eventually return to the static or dynamic mean aka the average in a price range. This concepts works with explosive price pumps with no follow-through-volume. (Stophunts)

Static mean = volume traded at price (volume profile) depicts price levels with high volume.

Dynamic mean = moving average, the average price over a certain amount of periods.

Both dynamic and static mean act like price-magnets. The probability that price returns to the mean is high.

Start small, collect free coins and wait or trade with the free-coins. All coins moon during bitcoin bull-cycles and tank during bear-cycles. The crypto market moves money from the uneducated to the educated. We’re not talking about ”indicators” here, with knowledge I mean, understanding liquidity, how it is ”engineered” for the larger players. Trading is dirty, it favors the 20% that moves that 80% of the volume. Pareto principle holds true for trading as well.

Why collect free coins?

  • 2015 Free RaiBlocks(Nano) $0.007 to $31 in 2017.
  • 2014 Free Stellar Lumens $0.0018 to $0.64 in 2017.

1000 x ontology sold it for $6000+, eximchain $200+ RaiBlocks(nano)$7900+, several bitcoin-forks, Egold-token giveaway on 4chan $200, numerous EOS airdrops dumped them all on newdex $2500+ StellarLumens giveaway, countless aidrops ranging from $20 to $300 Random airdrops like Insights network. I am not here to brag, just to educate you in risk-free methods to get starting capital without capital.

In the hands of a skilled trader you can turn this small capital $5000 into …… it might take a few months-years but it’s possible.

The formula is simple : Bitcoin moons, everything moons, Bitcoin tanks, everything tanks. Don’t forget to sell your shitcoins for USD or BTC. BTC is here to stay. I am certain we will see another parabolic bullcycle after 2021. The market just has to turn ultra-bearish before we see a parabolic-bull-cycle.

Free coins + my own trading capital + T.A skills (screenshot from 2018) From $50k to $3XX in 5 months.

Collect and wait. Making decent money with no money is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t expect to get rich. It’s a nice bonus tho. If you want to max out your profits, you gotta learn how to trade. Practice with small accounts, live capital and with live volume to get a feel what trading with live-volume feels like. Collect free coins and practice. If you can’t manage a small $100 account, no way you can sustain and maintain a $100,000 account. I’ll be brutally honest with you, if you decide to take the trading route… spend your first 1-2 years on training, money is just a result of your first 2 years of study, practice and training.

Free starting capital

Basic Attention Tokens

Install the bravebrowser 

Currently trading at $0.21 per coin. You will collect on average 20 Coins per month. 240 Coins annually on average. Open up the weekly or daily and you will see $0.20 is the static mean.

B.A.T is still ERC-20 thus still in testnet. Anything can happen during mainnet migration, key concern would be supply dilution.

Just trade it and take profit from time to time. Don’t be a fool.

PI network.

PI_Network. It’s currently trading at $0.14 as a I.O.U (future). Cost no electricity to mine, it’s consensus model is similar to NEO. Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Use the coins to trade.

Use your invitation code Kimman137 after installing the app.

EOS Stellar Lumens

Some exchanges do giveaways to attract volume and liquidity. Coinbase is giving away $50 in free EOS and $50 in free XLM. Don’t hodl eos or xlm both are scammy utility tokens. Exchange your free EOS and XLM for Proof of work currencies. Yes currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Litecoin.

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