Three Gorges Dam in China and Bitcoin.

If the dam breaks, and 3/4 of China will be flooded. Sell 3/4 of your Bitcoins. 80% of the mining pools are located in China. We will see a difficulty adjustment of Epic proportion. Miners dumping at a Epic Scale.

Next week Support = 8700-8000

This is the gameplan. I will be closely watching week 2 for a fake-out to $8000. Based on previous closes, you can tell that short-sellers take partial profit at important weekly-monthly closes. Today it’s 28 June, Tomorrow the Weekly Bar will close and the day after the Monthly Bar will close. 2 Very important dates […]

IMPORTANT ! Long-term Bearish Price-reasoning

I said on 1 June that 10K was the top. Few hours later (I was shorting it), Bitcoin topped at $10,400 and the next day on 2 June it wicked below $9300 and closed above $9500. ”Hurrdurr, you’re just guessing” I don’t write articles after the facts. I forecast major swings on this blog. weeks, […]

BNB = bearish – buy opportunity

BNB-USDT Sunday 14 June 2020 4:52 PM . Price-action for BNB-USDT is bearish. This is buy opportunity. Common setup : Reserve 1-2% of your total capital for BNB to save on trading-fees. Reserve 4-5% of your total capital for hedging on a derative exchange. The rest of your capital can be used to trade the […]

XRP price-action = dogshit

Bearish swing failure after swing failure. How is this dogshit token still top 4 on coinmarketcap? Go figure, why weekly candle closes are so important. Update 25 June Retest of the green line is likely. I might as well share this…. If you can read Japanese CandleStick formations and recognize the patterns and apply that […]

Final shake-out 10K = TOP

First of all, don’t panic. This is all part of the greater shake-out. Read my post from 20 March. Big Boys are selling off. Bitcoin will be declared dead. Relax… hedge in cash. Accumulate for 2021. This pump was a supply-test. Big-funds wants your BTC at whole-sale prices. I’m betting that we will hit the […]

Finding Bitcoin Tops and Bottoms from a Macro Perspective.

Finding market-cycle rough estimates for Bitcoin bottoms and tops from a macro-perspective is relatively easy if you know where to find/combine the tools for measuring bitcoin micro-economics (Supply and demand). There are variables like miners-revenue, difficulty adjustments, supply halvings, realized cap vs marketcap.….these variables make valuation of bitcoins complicated. At some point prices will always […]